[Data Analytics and Visualization]

Data & Visual Analytics for Decision Making in Next Generation Media Properties
Sara Diamond (OCADU), Aijun An (York); [The Globe and Mail]

Elders, Memory & Data Visualisation; Changing Aging Cues with News Media
Martha Ladly (OCADU) [Gesturetek]

Developing Tools for Visual Interactive Data and Pattern Analysis
Ling Guan (Ryerson), Jimmy Huang (York); [Dapasoft Inc.]

3D Data Acquisition for Image Guided Surgery (3DAIGS)
Rick Wildes (York), [MDA Corp.]

The Data Texture Project
Parke Godfrey (York); [Empress Software Inc.]   
[Cloud Computing for Large-scale Data Analysis]

Building Automation System integration into a Cloud-Based BIM-FM Model
Marin Litoiu (York), Jenn McArthur (Ryerson); [Fuseforward Solutions Group]

Elastic Deep Learning
Aijun An (York); [IBM]

Distributed Deep Learning for Video Processing
Amir Asif (York), Aijun An (York); [IBM]

Graph-based Fraud/Anomaly Detection
Manos Papagelis (York), Aijun An (York); [IBM]

Empress IoT Analytical Engine
Parke Godfrey (York), [Empress]

[Discovering useful and actionable patterns from dynamic data]    

Gerald Penn (UToronto); [Public Health Agency of Canada]

Bringing SMARTness into Operating Rooms
Jimmy Huang (York), Ling Guan (Ryerson); [Dapasoft Inc.]

Data Analytics for Facilities Management
Jenn McArthur (Ryerson), Aijun An (York); [Fuseforward Solutions Group]

Applied Machine Learning Learning Concepts to Analyze Intracranial Pressure
Alireza Sadeghian [St.Michael’s Hospital]

Tangible and Data-Embedded User Interfaces for Data Analytics
Sara Diamond (OCADU), Steve Szigeti [NLogic] 

[Data-Driven Recommendation]

Developing Smart Conversational Systems
Aijun An (York), Gerald Penn (U of T); [iNAGO Inc.]

Athenians Project
John Traill (U of T); Jian-Guo Wang, Xiaohui Yu (York); [Empress Software Inc.]

Gerald Penn (U of T); [Ontario Brain Institute]

A Method for Designing Evidence-based Learning Material
Jimmy Huang, Marina Erechtchoukova (York); Alireza Sadeghian (Ryerson); [Shore Consulting Group]

Health Behaviour Data Analysis for Chronic Disease Patients for Better Self-Management
Aijun An, Jianhong Wu (York); [Manifold Data Mining]